08 April 2007

Random Wrap-Up

Here's what's going on with me:

I'm still looking for a job. I've gotten to the point where it is more difficult. To keep my unemployment insurance coming, I need to put at least two job-search activities on my sheet each week. In the beginning, I had five or six each week because I am not trying to stay on unemployment forever. Unfortunately, I've had no nibbles. Now it is two months' later and I am running out of places to put in applications. I've sent my resume to all the major employers in the area and signed up with a few temp agencies. I'm running out of stuff to put on my sheet.

My return to my SHE box is going well. In the past, this would be the time when I would get overly enthusiastic and start adding all kinds of chores to the box. I am resisting that urge for now. There are other tasks that I need to put in the box that I didn't add in the beginning, but I want to complete some of the big seasonal tasks first. These include tasks that only need to be done once every four months like cleaning out junk drawers. Once these are completed, I should be able to slowly add in more monthly tasks.

I'm doing the second round of Runagogo. I didn't do very well with the first round but hopefully I will at least get to the halfway point of my goal this time. The reward I picked for reaching 100 miles is a game called Qwirkle. Although the experts all say one should pick a reward for reaching a health goal, I don't usually choose one because most things I want are either expensive or related to food. Now that the family is getting into boardgaming, however, there are all sorts of things under $50 that I can use for rewards. Sweet!

As usual, I'm still trying to juggle all my interests. Now that I am not working, I have time to partake in many of my hobbies but I don't have much of an inclination. I can't seem to get off the internet. I've managed to push myself away from the computer to get into my SHE box and handle the household stuff. Once I'm done and ready for some leisure time, however, I turn to the internet. At least when I was watching a lot of TV, my hands were free for me to knit. Nowadays, all I do is click. So in addition to all my other goals, I need to give the internet a smaller chunk of my entertainment schedule.
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