23 July 2007

Family Update

--M did her first day of community service at the local library. Although it is only volunteer work, I felt like I was sending my baby off to her first job. She looked so grown up with her purse and her cell phone (we let her borrow one of ours)! I worried about M being able to earn her community service hours before the first day of school, but it looks it is all coming together now.

--We had a busy weekend. My sister came up from GA at the last minute. M got to spend some time with her cousin Hermana, and the other kids saw their baby cousin for the first time. ABM invited more guests over on Saturday for a cookout and card games. Good times. I needed to be around people other than my kids.

--Car trouble, car trouble. We've been without a car payment for about six months, and now the car is acting crazy. The air conditioner has gone out and the windows won't roll up. The transmission went out again. ABM finally had enough and got another car today. We didn't have any money for a down payment, but we bought our last car from this lot and made all the payments on time so the owner let ABM take it without one. The last car we got from him was great; it only started messing up when ABM took it to a mechanic for some routine maintenance. It never ran the same again. I feel sorry for that mechanic when ABM goes to see him tomorrow!

--I still haven't found a job yet. 'Nuff said about that.
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