19 August 2007

Spammers have stolen all the good phrases

I like to send articles of interest to my friends from time to time. Most news-related websites make it easy for readers their favorites share with a form at the end of every article. The form includes a spot to send a comment along with the article link. This is where I get stuck. I like to write something short like, "This article made me think of you." Unfortunately, that sounds like the subject line of half the spam in my inbox. Spammers and virus spreaders try to make their emails look like they came from your friends so you will click on them. So now I have to spend extra time making my note personal so my friends know that it really came from me.

On a similar note, I can't wait until those Verizon "Can you hear me now?" commercials are erased from the general consciousness. I can't utter that phrase any more without someone making a lame joke. The commercials are funny because it is a phrase that cell phone owners actually use; I get that. That doesn't stop it from being annoying.
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