25 September 2007

Heroes "Four Months Later"

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead

Heroes is back for a second season, and the premiere got us off to a start. They gave us a death, plenty of everyone's favorite character Hiro, and of course a shocker in the last minute of the episode to make you want to tune in next week.

The theme for this episode seemed to be "everyone's in hiding". Claire and family have moved to California where she has to hide even her normal skills like cheerleading. Matt decides to hide in plain sight by becoming a cop again in New York, while protecting the little girl Molly whose parents were killed by Sylar last season. Nathan has grown a beard and is hiding out inside a bottle while he mourns the loss of Peter.

Everyone is hiding, but you know that there is a big bad coming soon. Molly is having nightmare visions and the old guard (Hiro's dad and Nathan's mom) received pictures of themselves indicating that they are marked for death. Add in the new characters that the writers are adding (this week it was the Mexican girl with the killer rage) and it looks like we are in for another wild ride this season.

My reflections? I like Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) better with the beard -- much more handsome! I wanted Claire to do that back tuck off the tower even though it would have given her away, just to show up that nasty head cheerleader. It seemed clear to me that Hiro is going to take the place of Tazeko Kensei to preserve the legend. Lastly, when are we going to find out if Mama Petrelli has a power?

If you missed the premiere, NBC is streaming it for free on their website. I don't know how long NBC will continue to do that since they are working out other options for buying downloads of episodes. Get over there and watch it while you can!
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