29 October 2007

Attacking the monster

The last time I was in the mood to tackle a big project, the monster was the garage. This time around, it is my bedroom. The claustrophobic feeling in this room has been increasing by the week. It has gotten to the point where the basic pick-up-and-vacuum routine doesn't make the room look any cleaner. I've got to move something out of here.

So what do I move? The books were moved in here from the garage so I could have easy access to them, especially in the winter months which is when I do most of my knitting. ABM would have a fit if I moved his DVD collection, even though he rarely watches any of them. We both use the computer and TV at night before bed, so that's out. I guess I'm stuck just straightening up again until ABM and I can decide together on how to restructure this room. Darn!


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