29 October 2007

Knitting like a newbie

We decided to be low-key for Halloween this year. The kids are getting older and they participate in activities (like church harvest festivals) where they aren't allowed to dress up. However, we live in a great neighborhood where it is safe for them to trick-or-treat so I want them to take advantage of that until they are absolutely too old to do it. Since ABM knew he wouldn't be home, he bought 4 jack-o-lantern t-shirts so they could go through the neighborhood together as a pumpkin patch. I agreed to knit simple pumpkin hats to go with the shirts. Easy-peasy, right?

Well, for such a simple project, I am still making the same rookie mistakes. I didn't have the yarn on hand when I suggested knitting the hats, which is a no-no for me. By the time ABM bought me some yarn, I wasn't quite in the mood to knit so I kept telling myself I had plenty of time. I pushed myself to finish 2 hats but I still have 2 more that need to be finished. It is a simple pattern but I haven't given myself enough time so I am making errors in my haste to finish. I just knit 2 inches on a hat before I realized that I twisted it when I joined the circle! So now it is 6p and I've got to start hat #3 all over again.

Luckily ABM is not home to see this. I've done this before -- put off a knitting project until the last minute and then I have to ignore housework to get it done on time. When will I ever learn?

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