10 October 2007

Caught up on Mad Men

I finally watched the two episodes of "Mad Men" that I missed while on holiday. The season finale is two episodes' away and I still haven't decided how I feel about this show. I love the set design and art direction, but there is very little story. This show is more like a character study than a series with a compelling plot. However, there is one mystery that I want to have answered before the season is over.

You can't see it from this photo, but the character Peggy (who reminds me of my friend Kara for some reason) has been gaining weight over the past few episodes. Speculation on the TV blogs is that she is pregnant. I really hope that isn't the case. She started out as the show's good girl, and I was a bit disappointed when they had her sleep with a married man. Having her get pregnant would be so predictable. It would be more creative if she was getting fat because she was eating to drown her sorrows over being in love with a married jerk. Of course, the writers didn't ask me for my opinion :-). They'll probably go with the pregnancy.
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