24 October 2007

Interview flu

I have two job interviews scheduled for this week. Most job seekers would be happy with this sudden flurry of activity. Not me. The longer I stay home, the more difficult it becomes for me to leave the house. It would be easier if ABM was here to drive me to the interview. I would be able to vent all my nervousness in the car en route. Riding with the MIL means I have to keep all that anxiety bottled up because she doesn't get it.

My first interview is tomorrow, and all I want to do today is stay in bed and pretend it isn't happening. My head aches, my stomach hurts, and I've lost my appetite. I've never done well in interviews, but I am at even more of a disadvantage this time. My skill set is out of date, and my last two jobs ended with a termination and a layoff. I'm not the bright young thing with the untarnished record that I once was. My quiet demeanor isn't enough to charm interviewers into overlooking my faults. How can I convince a potential employer that I have something to offer when my work history doesn't show it?
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