18 October 2007

Relax and release

Today I heard an acquaintance make an inaccurate statement about me in a public forum. My first reaction was to confront the person and say, "Well, actually, that is not how it happened." Then I calmed down a bit and came to my senses.

Would anything be accomplished by explaining my side yet again to the person? No. I said everything I had to say the first time and explained my position as well as I could. I've learned from discussions with ABM that rehashing things does not increase the chances that a person will suddenly see things my way. There is a chance that the relationship with this acquaintance can still be salvaged, but only if I keep my mouth shut now. If I am honest with myself, I must admit that I am still too close to the situation to avoid being snarky about it. I don't think the statement casts me in an evil light in the eyes of our mutual friends; it is just my pride that is making me want to hop up and set the record straight. So I am taking a deep breath and letting it go.
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