18 October 2007

Yarn or games?

I've done a few things online that have resulted in a bit of money being dumped into my Paypal account. The amount is small enough that it wouldn't make much of a difference in my bank account, so I asked ABM if he would mind me spending it on myself. He doesn't, so now I have a choice: yarn or games?

YARN: I want to make Wonderful Wallabies for the kids. It doesn't get super cold here so they can make it through most of the fall and winter with a hoodie over a long-sleeved shirt. Right now, C1 and C2 have worked out a time-share plan for an orange hoodie with a monkey face on the front :-p. I've never been one to build a big stash for someday knitting, which means I will have to buy yarn to make the WWs. I know that I can get a good price for some yarn on eBay. The downside is that I may have to spend a little more than I have in my Paypal account.

GAMES: My game collection is not that big and I am starting to get bored with the few that I have. If you read my game blog, you know that I have been researching free games to play with dominoes or decks of cards. However, ABM always wants to play Pounce or Poison when our friends come over. I've got to find some other games that will meet ABM's stringent requirements: quick to learn and plays in under 30 minutes. I've had great luck buying games on eBay so I know that I can get at least 2 games with the money I have.

Decisions, decisions! What do you think? Yarn or games?
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