02 November 2007

A lady of leisure no longer

Remember last week's bout of interview flu? Well, it has morphed into a case of new job nerves. Yes, folks, they offered me the job for which I interviewed last week. I had a good feeling after that interview; the workplace felt like the health department where I worked before I had the twins. At the health department, everybody worked together until the work was finished, period. I excel in that kind of environment.

So if I think I will fit in at my new job, why am I having trouble breathing? I'm afraid of getting on that treadmill again. God knows we need both incomes to keep this family afloat, but I am not a good mother or wife when I work. I snap at ABM and the kids and I let the housework slide. I could tell myself right now that it would be different this time, but I doubt that it will be. For someone with my strong introverted tendencies, it takes a lot of physical and emotional energy to do simple things like make small talk with my coworkers. By the end of a work day, I don't want to cook dinner, check homework, or talk to my family at all. I'm horrid to live with, and I don't want to be that way again.

Oh my gosh, I just realized something! I was in such shock when my new supervisor called me that I didn't ask anything about their lunch facilities or if they have a coffee pot. What if I am in an office where no one drinks coffee? You'll have to talk me off a ledge!

OK, enough of this. I am going to feed my kids, fold some more laundry, and try not to burst into tears. Pray for me, ya'll.
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