04 November 2007

She read my mind!

Katrina, the author of the Callapidder Days blog, has expressed my thoughts about blogging better than I could in her post about the birth of her blog. Her stop/start experience with writing is similar to my own.

There are days when I am dying to write down the thoughts that are running through my mind. Once I get the pen in my hand or sit down at the keyboard, I start to think that my fascinating post is no longer worth writing. There would be twice as many posts on this blog if I didn't talk myself out of writing them. Still, I don't give up on blogging totally. I keep coming back because I need to express myself and I like the idea that there is at least one person out there reading my words. So I am plugging away at this thing, hoping that one day I will be able to break down the wall that has trapped the true writer inside me.
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