17 December 2007

It's only Tuesday?

I woke up at 3a on Monday morning, shivering. Apparently our furnace had stopped working. It was not easy trying to get my kids out of bed in a 40-degree house. It was even more difficult getting through the work day, trying to figure out how we would find the money to get the furnace fixed. Feeling guilty because I'd just spent the little bit of extra money we had on Christmas gifts for the kids. Is it any wonder that I have trouble spending money? Something bad always seems to happen right after I buy something nice.

Thank God that the furnace repairs turned out to be simple and not wallet-emptying. However, we had a second glitch last night -- the heat wouldn't turn off. So I spent one night freezing my behind off, and then the next night I roasted. On top of that, I've been dealing with back pain and nasal congestion for days. So I was hot, uncomfortable, and I couldn't breathe.

Everything is fine with the furnace now, but I am feeling worn out. All day I thought it was Friday because it feels like it should be Friday. I'm not usually this frazzled until the end of the week!
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