19 December 2007

Why dress up?

It occurred to me today that I would be much more productive if I could wear sweats and sneakers to work. If you get inside my head on a workday morning, you would be amazed at how angry I get over pantyhose. I hate struggling with my clothes and hair at a time of day when I don't even want to be awake.

It all seems so unnecessary. I didn't mind wearing skirts and heels when I was a receptionist. However, my last three jobs haven't had any face-to-face customer contact. Nobody ever sees me so I don't have to be the face of the organization. On this job my office is so grubby that I'm worried about ruining any nice clothes I wear in there.

Why can't I have the same dress code that my high-school aged daughter has? It's simple -- no profanity on the t-shirts and no skirts shorter than fingertip length. I know I'd work harder if I wasn't constantly adjusting my tights.

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