01 December 2007

"My Night at the Grammys"

A few TV bloggers dismissed Friday's broadcast of My Night at the Grammys on CBS as a clip show used to fill time because of the TV writer's strike. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been wishing for years that the Grammy organization would compile the best performances on DVD or stream them on their website. I stopped watching awards shows a long time ago, but I always kick myself the next day when I hear about some great performance from Grammy night.

One fact this show reminded me of is how much more you can get out of a song when it is performed in a different way. For instance, that Celine Dion song "My Heart Will Go On" definitely tips the melodrama scales for me when I hear it on the radio. Seeing her actually sing it makes me understand why people like Celine Dion and the song so much. Also, I can gain a new appreciation for a song if someone else sings it. Several of the performances on My Night at the Grammys were from artists paying tribute to musical legends by singing their songs. In several cases they gave the songs new life for me.
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