17 January 2008

Job hunting again

Yes, I am job hunting again. I was fired on Tuesday. Although I worked hard, I didn't fit in with the "We are all family" culture of the office. You guys know that I'm not a very social person. It takes me a LONG time to warm up to coworkers. I'm not rude, but I don't jump into conversations or sit down at the lunch table with others. Unfortunately, that didn't sit well with my supervisor. Despite my good work performance, she decided I wasn't a team player.

ABM is NOT happy with me right now. This is the third job I've had in six years. He is starting to think that I am purposely getting myself fired from these jobs, but that is not the case. It took me nine months to get this last job, and that put a lot of stress on ABM to keep the family afloat. No matter how much I hated this job, I was working hard to keep it because I don't want to put the burden of supporting this family solely on ABM's back. I kept my mouth shut as much as possible at work to avoid blurting out any snarky comments about the job. I guess I kept my mouth shut too much.

The good news is that I had a phone interview on Wednesday and I am going in for a skill assessment this coming Tuesday. It is not exactly the kind of job I want, but at this point I'm just chasing a paycheck. If I can get this job and it gets me through to the end of 2008, then it's all good.
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