01 February 2008

Broadway Melody

It's a new month and Time Warner Cable has added a few new choices to the free On Demand roster. Today I watched a movie called Broadway Melody. It was released in 1929 and was the first movie with sound to win the Oscar for Best Picture. The plot involved a vaudeville sister act who try to make it big on Broadway. A song-and-dance man in their show dates the older sister but falls in love with the younger sister, a fact that the younger sister tries to hide by dating a stage-door Johnny with only sex on the mind.

I haven't watched a 1920s-era movie in ages, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The slang ("It's cream in the can, baby!") and the clothes (LOVE those cloche hats)! It is heavy on the melodrama, but I enjoy that after a steady diet of modern movies. I prefer snappy dialogue and pretty clothes over graphic sex and violence any day.
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