10 February 2008

"G.I. Jane" is my "Rocky"

A local TV station is playing one of my most memorable movies of the 1990s -- G. I. Jane. As I recall, G. I. Jane was not well-received when it was released in 1997. Demi Moore's character was called one-dimensional and much fun was made about her shaving her head and bulking up for this role. However, this is my go-to inspirational movie. Although I've only watched it twice in its entirety, the scenes with Demi Moore gutting it out with the boys are stuck in my head. I call them up whenever I need to push myself in exercise or even in housework.

So many men have visions of Rocky running through their heads to inspire them that it is almost a stereotype as an inspirational movie. I can't think of a movie that most women can agree on as a motivator when faced with a physical challenge. What movie would you call your Rocky?
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