26 February 2008

Sock Wars III

I signed up for Sock Wars III today. It is a twist on the knitting swap. For the non-stitchers: a knitting swap is a bit like a Secret Santa. A certain item is agreed on (the last swap I participated in was a scarf swap) and an organizer is chosen. Each person who wants to participate sends her name and mailing address to the organizer, who pairs up knitters. I knit a scarf and mail it to my person and my person sends her finished scarf to me. I got two lovely scarves this way, and I still wear them every winter.

Sock Wars is more of an endurance tournament. Everyone receives their patterns and "target" (person to knit for) via email on the same day. You knit furiously so that you can get your finished socks mailed to your target as quickly as possible. As soon as your target gets the socks, she posts on the site and is considered "dead". She then sends her unfinished socks and the name of her target to you. If you finish that second pair of socks and the target receives it before you receive a pair of socks, then you stay in the game. The sock war continues on in this manner until there is one knitter left standing.

We all know that I am not a fast knitter, so I will probably get killed quickly. Still, I want to give it a try. I think this might be a way to jolt me out of my knitting lethargy, which has been going on for quite a while now. The majority of the knitting projects that I have actually finished have been items for someone outside my family. I guess I need the outside pressure every once in a while.

Anyway, one of the first rules of Sock Wars is that you MUST talk about Sock Wars :-). So here I am talking about it. The organizers are trying to get 4,000 participants. If you love to knit socks, why not give it a try?
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