28 July 2008

Mixtape Monday: Marilyn Monroe

One of the first CDs I bought when ABM and I purchased our very first CD player was a collection of Marilyn Monroe songs from her movies. At the time, I had only seen her in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes so I didn't really think of her as a singer. I was pleasantly surprised by the songs on the CD. I played it a lot and would still be playing it if I hadn't lost it in one of our moves. Anyway, when I watched Some Like It Hot this morning I thought of that CD and it inspired my mixtape for today.

The site I used to prepare today's mixtape is Project Playlist. I'm usually the one introducing new stuff to my kids, but this was one instance where M brought a new site to my attention. The site calls itself an "information location tool". Basically it is a search engine where you can find songs that have been posted on mp3 blogs all over the internet. The aspect I like the most is that you can create a playlist of full tracks instead of just clips. I'm sure there is something less than legal about it, so you may want to try Project Playlist while you still can.

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