09 July 2008

Need Inexpensive Back-Up Glasses?

Sponsored by the good people at Zenni Optical

I read several reviews of Zenni Optical about a year ago, but then forgot that the website existed. Silly me -- that's what bookmarks are for! Anyway, at zennioptical.com you will find a decent selection of inexpensive prescription eyeglasses. The company keeps their prices down by making their own frames and barely advertising (which is why I forgot about them). Their frames start at $8, but most of the ones I liked were in the $19 category. Still, I saw a couple in the $8 section that would make a good pair of back-up glasses for the kids. C2 is at that age where she plays hard and wrecks two pairs of glasses between annual eye exams. It would be nice to have a couple pairs of "play glasses" like we used to have play clothes. As for me, I wouldn't mind having a couple pair that I could switch out for fashion's sake. At these prices, I could get my wish.

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