03 July 2008

Poetry Thursday: Remembering Greensboro

Even though the Poetry Thursday blog is now defunct, I felt an urge to start talking about poetry again on Thursdays and possibly even write a bit. Who knows how long this urge will last -- I'm going with it for as long as I am inspired.

Anyway, a tweet from one of my followers on Twitter (shout-out to @guitarmantoo) made me think of the only trip I've ever taken to Greensboro. So I dashed off a quick poem about it. If you've read my other poetry, you know that I've done better than this. However, my current goal is to loosen up and post something every day without second-guessing myself so much.


Caught a ride with a stranger
To meet a boy at A & T.
A boy who was a man to me
'Cause I was 15 when he was 20.

Waited three whole years, he did
To invite me up to A & T.
To protect my virtue, said he
Although there was little virtue left in me.

Stayed in a tiny room
On the campus of A & T,
Where we made love frequently
And spoke of poetry.

Images of him and me
And that room at A & T
Are all that I see
When I try to remember Greensboro.
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