03 July 2008

No 'poo challenge for African-American hair?

I've been reading about the no-shampoo movement lately. The idea is that we are stripping our hair of all the natural oils that make it look healthy. There are people all over the world giving up shampoo and just rinsing their hair with water. Some people aid the oils by stroking the hair from root to tip with a washcloth.

I'd like to try this with my own hair, but it would be nice to read some accounts from other black women that have done it. Everything I've read talks about white women who have tried it with varying success. The few forum and blog posts I've seen from black women who have given up shampoo haven't really given it up at all. They've just switched to using conditioner instead of shampoo. To me, that isn't the same as no shampoo since conditioners still have some cleansing agents in them.

I'll do some more research, but if I don't find anything then I guess I'll have to try it myself and report here.
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