21 July 2008

Trying Scents with TriScents

When I think of Renuzit, my mind goes to those adjustable cone-shaped air fresheners that our parents used. You know the ones -- twist the cone to open it more if you want more scent. Those are still around, but Renuzit offers much more these days. One of their latest air freshener products is TriScents. I got a free sample kit in the mail last week to try out and write about.


The idea behind Renuzit TriScents is that people stop smelling a scent after it has been in the air for a little while. I know that this is the case with me. Most plug-in air fresheners are supposed to last at least a month but I stop smelling them after a few days. To combat this, Renuzit has created a plug-in with three different scented oils in one unit and a mechanism that changes to a different bottle every 45 minutes.

Since I wanted to test the theory, I plugged in the TriScents unit in my bedroom. That is where my computer is, so I am there the majority of the day. The unit is a bit wider than other plug-ins, but if you use the top outlet of a vertical faceplate there is still room to plug in something in the bottom outlet. There is a light on top that shows which fragrance is being used. There is also a switch on the side to adjust the strength of the scent that is emitted.

So what have I concluded after spending a few days trying TriScents?


--The scent really does last, but not in an obnoxious way. It is light and fresh.

--Since it is a plug-in, it doesn't need batteries like the automated spritzer-style ones I've been using.

--It also doesn't have a button on it to emit an extra shot of scent. With four curious kids in my house, a 30-day spritzer only lasts a couple weeks because they keep pressing the button!


--My unit has a button for Low, Medium, and High scent, but the notches are too close together to use Medium. I can only get Low or High. Luckily, the High setting isn't overwhelming.

--Although the fragrance is light, the sample that came with my kit is not to my liking. It is called Seaside Breezes, but it reminds me of coconut and suntan lotion. I want to give the other fragrance, Morning Meadow, a try.

If you want to take Renuzit TriScents for a spin in your own home, visit http://www.triscents.com and print out a coupon. You might as well save some money while you're trying it, right?

Sponsored by Renuzit TriScents
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