19 August 2008

Hurray for plastic bags!

I've been on a crusade to get rid of plastic shopping bags in my house. No, I'm not going through one of my "green" and hippie phases. I am just tired of everything being tied up in a plastic bag. We as a family have gotten into the habit of leaving small items in bags when we bring them from the store. You could look under my bathroom sink and see nothing but a mass of plastic bags, each with one or two items in it like shampoo or shaving cream. I also tend to throw my knitting projects into plastic bags to protect them from the other junk in my purse.

Today I was thankful that I hadn't totally eradicated the plastic shopping bag from my life. I was getting out of my bed and my foot got caught on the cord from my new phone, which was sitting on my bedside table. When I yanked my foot to free myself, the cord wrapped around my coffee cup and knocked it to the floor. What was on the floor? My canvas knitting bag, of course! Luckily, all the yarn in the canvas bag was inside separate plastic shopping bags, including a brand-new ball I just purchased. This was one time when my bad habit served a purpose.
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