23 August 2008

Yard sale

ABM and the kids are having a yard sale today. This is the first yard sale we have ever had. I shouldn't say "we" because I am upstairs hiding out. My neighbor LJ told me how she hated watching people paw through her stuff, and that planted a seed in my head. So now I'm sitting in my room avoiding the whole thing. Luckily, ABM has the kids to help him out.

One good thing about having this yard sale is that we unearthed several things that we can use. For instance, I've been using a small pot to heat up my water for coffee when we had a perfectly good tea kettle in the garage. We have a habit of saving stuff for later. It is a constant struggle to remind ourselves that our life is going on now so we should enjoy what we have. The funny thing is that the items we put away are garden-variety dishes and such from places like Wal-Mart. If we had expensive china, it would never see the light of day!
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