15 September 2008

Mixtape Monday: Inspired by "Privileged"

This weekend, I indulged my weakness for mindless teen drama and watched Privileged on the CW. The story about an aspiring writer who ends up as a tutor/nanny to a pair of spoiled teenagers was fairly predictable, but the music was good. That's why I'm using it as inspiration for this week's mixtape.

Now, you may notice that this week's mixtape is a bit, um, swollen. That's because I am trying out another online playlist service called Finetune. It seems to have a pretty good music library and it lets you play full songs, but you can't embed the playlist in a blog post until you have 45 songs. Yikes! Nine of the songs were played in the pilot episode of Privileged, but the rest were suggested by Finetune through a function they call I'm Lazy. I did a little more tweaking to get rid of songs that I didn't think were sufficiently upbeat, and here we are. Remember, you can pop out the player and listen while you are doing other stuff if you want.

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