26 September 2008

My trouble with hats

This is the third hat that I've finished in the space of two months. I should be happy considering that I am not usually this prolific. However, this hat is too big, as were the two before it. It wasn't as noticeable with the button hat and the camo cap, but there is no rescuing this one. It is supposed to be a close-fitting beanie. I went down several hook sizes and took out several rounds that the pattern call for, yet I can still pinch about an inch of extra fabric in the back. I may have to frog this and turn it into something else.

My failure to produce decent hats is frustrating me. I can make socks and baby sweaters that are the proper size. In the past I had problems knitting hats to gauge, but my crocheted hats always turned out fine. Now I'm even having problems with crochet. This is disheartening when I have time to devote to needlework and friends (LJ and her mom) who like to knit and crochet, as well.

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