19 October 2008

Being Thankful for Last Week's Blessings

This may sound mushy, but I want to start this week with a grateful attitude. There has been a gloomy cloud hanging over my house and I want to get rid of it. To accomplish that, I made a list of events from the past week that have given me hope.

--The price of gas at the station near my house is $2.89 a gallon, down $1 a gallon from the beginning of the month.

--I made enough money on ChaCha last week to pay my gas bill, which is due this week.

--M brought home a good report card! She got an A, two Bs, and a high C. This is a big deal for her. Every school year since M started public school in 5th grade, her first-semester marks have been dismal. I've been praying for a change in her attitude and I hope this report card is a sign that it has finally come.

--Sam's Club is offering a $10/10-week membership this weekend and next weekend. With careful planning, a Sam's Club membership could help us make the most of our grocery budget.

--I managed to get off my butt and exercise twice last week. I started on Sunday, but then an illness waylaid the entire family on Monday. In the past, it would have taken me weeks to talk myself back into exercising after an illness. Returning to my routine after a few days is rare for me, but I'm glad I did it.

I don't know if I will make this counting of blessings a regular feature, but I definitely think it is something in keeping with my Christian faith and that I should do it more often.
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