17 October 2008

The Latest Thing in Flash Drives: Personalization

It is crazy to me how low the prices have gotten on flash drives (some people call them thumb drives). I remember when it was a big deal to find a 1GB flash drive on sale for $20, and that only happened at Christmas when stores were trying to draw you in to buy more expensive stuff. We would buy a few each year as bigger drives came out.

Now you can get the same amount of storage for half the price all year long. Not only that, but you can also get personalized flash drives with your name, your company name, or even your school logo. The company that offers them, Pexagon Technology, has a 1GB drive for $11.99 with personalization included. They use laser engraving to decorate one or both sides of the drive for you. That means you can get something like "#1 Teacher" on one side and then the teacher's name on the other side. What a great gift idea!

At these prices, you can afford to buy several flash drives. If you are wondering why anyone would need more than one flash drive, then you must not have computer-savvy kids in your house! M, my 15-year-old daughter, and her friends create playlists for each other on flash drives. One of my other daughters likes shooting video with her Digital Blue, editing it together, and putting the file on a flash drive to show her friends. We've also used them to store e-texts of classics like "Art of War" and to transfer free downloads from the one internet-connected computer to the non-connected ones. Having personalized drives would make it easier for us to tell which drive belongs to which kid.

Whatever you use your flash drives for, why not add a little style into your computing life and get a personalized one?

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