16 October 2008

Temperature Wars


The crazy weather we've been having lately has started up the temperature wars a little early in mi casa. For a little over a week, we have been having 50-degree nights and 80-degree days. In the spirit of compromise, I have avoided turning on the heat at night because I know that the house will heat up around 1p the next day.

ABM still acts like I am trying to suffocate him! The other day he brought home a big box fan and one of those outdoor thermometers with the large numbers on it. He put the fan in the our bedroom window and hung the thermometer by the bed as a silent accusation of how hot I'm keeping him. He throws open the windows in our bedroom and the en-suite AND runs the fan all night long. If I get up and close the windows after he falls asleep, he gets up after I fall asleep and opens them again. I can shiver for him but he can't sweat a little for me?

This morning was the last straw. It was 50 degrees outside when I woke the kids at 5:30a. ABM had the box fan going in the open window. He had another smaller fan going, and the ceiling fan on. He also had the en-suite window wide open. It felt like winter in my bedroom, yet ABM's stupid thermometer still said that it was 70 degrees! It must be rigged. It took great restraint for me not to throw the thermometer and the box fan out the window.

Who am I kidding? This won't be the end of it. As long as I am feeling guilty about not having a job, I will probably let me freeze me out while I pile on more sweaters and grumble.
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