09 November 2008

The gratitude keeps on rolling

This is my third gratitude post. So much for me being a totally negative person :-).

--Marching band season is over. This means that I get to have M home for more than two days a week. Even though she is at that age where we are starting to argue a bit, I still miss having her at home. I'm looking forward to discussing music and books and movies with her.

--I'm not a political person, but I'm glad that I was around to see history made as Barack Obama was elected president.

--I'm thankful that God lifted me out of the funk that I was living in last week. Being unable to find joy in anything around you is a painful way to live.

--I'm getting more comments on my blogs. That type of encouragement is welcome, especially since I'm not getting paid to write.

--In this economic climate, it isn't cliched to express gratitude for the basics. We still have our house when many are going through foreclosure. ABM still has his job when many are getting laid off. We have food in our pantry when others are struggling to feed their families. I know that I can't take any of that for granted.
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