16 November 2008

Gratitude Post: 16 Nov 2008

--Our friends and neighbors are awesome. In the past few days, we have had three different people come to us and help us out with small but important ways. We didn't ask or put the call out; they had us on their minds and helped us. ABM isn't as flabbergasted as I am because he has been surrounded by good friends all his life. I am not accustomed to people going out of their way to help me, so I am thankful and awestruck at what our friends have done.

--My kids have been playing in harmony this weekend. There was very little arguing, crying, or screaming.

--After four days with no service, we have our cable TV and internet back. Although the lack of TV probably accounted for some of the peace and quiet around the house this weekend, I don't know if we could make it through another week without internet access. E-mail is my lifeline to the outside world :-).
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