25 December 2008

Christmas Hangover 2008

Despite what the title suggests, I haven't had any alcohol today or even in the past month. For me, a Christmas hangover is the feeling I get after all the presents have been opened and I am trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my day. It may sound very un-Christian-like, but I am an adult who still hasn't gotten over the fact that I don't get toys for Christmas. Our pockets have been so lean the past few years that ABM and I didn't buy presents for each other at all. I know I have to be a grown-up and be a good example for the kids, so I don't say anything. Bottling all that up gives me a headache and makes me slightly grumpy -- a Christmas hangover.

Setting a good example seems to be doing the trick because my kids were appreciative of their small piles again this year. M got a new mobile phone, the twins each got an inexpensive off-brand mp3 player, and DJ got a Bakugan Battle kit. We also picked up a few used video games from GameStop and a board game for the family. I'm glad that they are so easy to please. With any luck, they won't turn out to be pouty adults like me at Christmas time.

I'm dealing with this year's Christmas hangover in the usual way. I'll probably put in some time catching up on my blog reading or playing some game demo that I downloaded and never got around to trying. I've got a stack of books from the library to read, as well. By this evening, I will be able to tell myself that this was just any other day.
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