09 June 2009

Strangely Sentimental about a School Bus

Today is the last day of school for my kids. It also marks the last day I will have a school bus stop in front of my house. I didn't think that would put me in a wistful mood, but it has.

Our house has been the official stop for the elementary school bus for about seven years. Back when we built this house, we were the only ones on the street who went to the school so ABM made sure that the bus stopped right at our door. As the houses around us were sold, new owners tried to change the bus stop but it never lasted -- neither the change or the new owners. We were here the longest and had the most kids in one house, so it stuck.

Next year, however, the whole bus situation will change. DJ, my youngest, will start middle school then and go down to the big bus stop where all the middle schoolers and high schoolers meet. No more rushing out of the house at the last minute with one shoe on and homework clenched in the teeth. I won't be able to run out and hand them jackets as they climb on the bus. My babies are moving one step further from me, out into the world.

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