08 August 2009

Don't Rely on Your DVR Too Much

Perhaps I am suffering from a So You Think You Can Dance hangover (congrats, Jeanine!), but I decided this week that I wanted to watch America's Got Talent. I haven't watched any of the past seasons, so I wasn't familiar with how the show worked. I programmed the show into my DVR and trusted it to pick up all the episodes. Silly me!

This morning when I was making my rounds online, I almost spoiled myself by reading an EW article recapping the results show. What results show? Not only did my DVR not pick up the results show, it cut off part of the performance show so I missed one of the acts and didn't even realize it. Internet to the rescue! I was just saying to someone yesterday that all the shows I want to watch are either recorded by my DVR or available on my cable's on-demand service. Guess I have to eat my words on that point :-).

This little incident made me think of TV viewing when I was a child. My family called me a walking TV Guide. I knew the lineup for every network, so they would come to me if they couldn't remember what night and time Happy Days came on. There were only three main networks back then, so it was a little easier. Nowadays, knowing the TV schedule is almost like being an air traffic controller. I have to know which shows only air once a week and which ones are rebroadcast several times a week, so that if we have three shows we want to record in the same time slot I'll know which one can be recorded at a later time. No wonder I don't have room in my brain to remember PINs.
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