05 August 2009

This Debit Card is Jinxed

No matter what I do, I keep losing the PIN to one particular debit card. The account is not local so it would be nearly impossible to get the money without the PIN. I've requested a replacement three times already and have lost it each time. This last time, I lost it the day I got it in the mail. Argh!

The most frustrating part is that I keep losing the PIN just when I need the money the most. I don't use the card that often so I haven't memorized the number, but I have a file where I keep important numbers. Why on earth do I keep forgetting to put the PIN in that file?

UPDATE: After searching my room all day, I found the PIN! It was in the stack of mail I gave to ABM. He was the one who needed the use the card so I gave it to him. I am going to add the number to my special file right now so I don't have to go through this again. This is what passes for excitement in my life these days :-p.
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