26 August 2009

Survived Another Job Interview

In case anyone's forgotten, I've been unemployed since the beginning of June. Hopefully, this will be a short period of joblessness; I had a good interview this afternoon. It is for a position in a small non-profit organization and the work seems perfect for my skill set. I'll find out next week whether I got the job or not. As they say in the old-timey churches, those that know the word of prayer . . .

One of the questions that the interviewer asked me was how I manage to juggle home life and work. I was able to honestly say that I don't have to do much juggling any more. I don't feel as conflicted as I once did. My days of dreaming of being a housewife are over. I know that I am more valuable to my family as a working woman because we benefit more from the extra income than from my meager housekeeping skills. With kids who are now old enough to clean and cook simple meals, my goal has shifted from being a stay-at-home mom to preparing my kids for living on their own. Taking over some of the household tasks is a great training ground for them.
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