15 September 2009

Feels Like an Army Day

Remember that US Army commercial where they say that they do more before 10a than civilians do all day? That saying runs through your mind on days like this.

I rolled out of bed at 5:30a to get the kids up for school, only to find that my kitchen looked like a housewares department threw up in there. ABM had spotted a pest and decided to spray, so of course he had to pull half the stuff off of the top of the cabinets. That's the area where we put items we don't use very often, so all the stuff was covered with that mixture of dust and grease that you get in the kitchen. All my counter surfaces were covered with mucky appliances and dishes. What a sight to wake up to!

Since everything on the counters needed to be wiped down before I put it back, I decided to do a deep cleaning of the entire kitchen. I mentally divided the kitchen into sections and I'm working from top to bottom in each section. I started at 6:30a and by 9a, I had finished the first section which included cleaning out the microwave, the silverware drawer, and our main junk drawer. That may not sound like much, but I gave in to my natural inclination to work slowly and methodically and get into every corner. If I allow myself, I can be like those people on that show Hoarders -- I have to touch almost everything and decide what to do with it, so it takes me a long time if I decide to do more than just straighten up a room.

This is not what I wanted to be doing today, especially since I was sick over the weekend. However, I know that once I am done I will be proud of myself for doing this instead of going back to sleep after the kids went to the bus stop.
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