17 November 2009

Parenthood Has Changed My TV Viewing

A couple nights' ago I was catching up on Grey's Anatomy. One of the medical cases involved a little boy with a terminal disease. I knew from the set-up that the kid was going to die. I've seen kids die on medical shows before, but for some reason this story hit me so hard that I had trouble breathing. The actor playing the kid, Khamani Griffin, reminded me of my son DJ and I couldn't take it. He doesn't look like my son, but there was something about him made me think of DJ and I had to turn my head every time he came on screen.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Perhaps I was more callous before I had kids, but I could have watched that story 15 years' ago without a problem. I mean, I would have felt sorry for the parents but I wouldn't have felt such a connection with them. Nowadays, I can't watch anything that involves a kid dying or a kid losing a parent. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age :-).
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