26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you've read my posts from Thankgiving Days past, you know that this isn't a very big holiday in my house. It will be even less so this year since ABM is still trying to adjust to life after gastric band surgery. He has always been the driving force behind me cooking a big meal, but this year he doesn't care. It doesn't matter much to me, either, so I asked the kids what they wanted. They have simple tastes, which is fine with me. To my kids, Stove Top stuffing is a treat, so why go to the trouble of making homemade cornbread stuffing?

Besides the stuffing, we are having a Sam's Choice ham which is fully cooked, sliced and seasoned. All I had to do is warm it up, and it is delicious! Add ABM's special macaroni and cheese that he only cooks for holidays and some canned vegetables, and we will have a great meal with little work. That's my idea of a great Thanksgiving holiday!
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