27 December 2009

Anti-resolutions are the new black

Sunday is my day to clear out my Google Reader, and since this is the last Sunday of the year I've been coming across a lot of year-end posts. Invariably, they all start with "I am not the type to make New Year's resolutions . . ." and then the author proceeds to list some changes s/he wants to make in 2010. I noticed the same trend at the end of 2007 and 2008, but many more bloggers are putting it into practice this year.

Does it make people feel better to call something a goal or a guideline rather than a resolution? Does it seem old-fashioned to make resolutions? I rarely make resolutions because I have trouble sticking to any plan that doesn't involve my job. Calling it a goal or a lifestyle change would not make me stick to it any better. I only perform under threat of job loss and sometimes even that isn't enough, judging from my recent job history. If a resolution called by another name smells sweeter and ensures success for you, more power to ya!
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