17 December 2009

Back Away From the Scissors!

I think almost every woman regardless of race or hair texture can identify with how I feel right now. Most women have tried to transition from a short style to a longer one or tried to grow out a bad perm. Your hair always gets to that in-between stage where you hate it. Your locks look limp and ragged, and the only solution you can come up with is to cut it. That's where I am now. I was so frustrated with my hair this week that I almost grabbed the scissors and started hacking away.

ABM doesn't like short hair on women, so I am hesitant to cut it off. However, the cute pincurl style that was working a few months' ago looks frizzy now. My hair has grown almost another inch since the last time I posted (2.5" total if I stretch out the curls) and the difference between the relaxed ends and the naturally curly roots is more noticeable. The only style that looks decent these days is an old-fashioned roll-and-pin (I have no idea what it is really called; it is like a tighter version of the 1940s victory roll). It is an updo that hides the ends, which look so lifeless compared to the roots. I might as well cut my hair off if I'm not wearing it down and showing the full length. Besides, wearing my hair pinned up every day makes my head and neck ache.

Another reason that I am afraid to cut it off is because it may not look as pretty as I think it will. I can see the curls forming at the roots and the products I'm using now seem to make them pop, but what if I cut off the relaxed part and end up with a ball of fuzz on my head? Yes, I know that if it looks truly awful I can give myself yarn braids. Still, the uncertainty is feeding my reluctance to do what I know I should do.
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