16 December 2009

Done with my Christmas obligations!

If you've read this blog for any length of time, then you know I'm not big on holidays. In my opinion, many of the activities that people say they must participate in are really just things they choose to do, and they can easily choose to opt out without anyone looking askance at them. Luckily for me, ABM has either "come over to the dark side" or decided it wasn't worth fighting over. As a result, we didn't commit ourselves to a long roster of holiday events this year. Two band concerts, a church Christmas pageant, and a Boy Scout Christmas party made up the entire list. We went to the last event on Monday, so now we can relax. I think this is the first year that all the events were out of the way this early.

We even have the majority of our Christmas shopping done. I did most of mine online, so I'm just watching for the UPS truck each day. There will probably be a last-minute jaunt to some local stores next week, but in my world that counts as date night so I don't mind :-).
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