06 March 2010

Don't Tell the MIL!

I've been fighting a head cold since Wednesday. Since nothing truly cures a cold, I usually don't take medicine when I have one. Even the medicines advertised as having non-drowsy formulas seem to make me feel loopy during the day, so I would prefer to ride out the cold. However, the MIL is a big proponent of doping yourself up whenever you have the slightest ache or pain, and she has been trying to get me to try this new-to-her cold preparation called Mucinex. I've been trying to tell her politely that I don't want to take it, finally settling on the excuse that she bought me the wrong type: she purchased Mucinex DM which is for chest colds, not Mucinex D which is for sinuses and nasal congestion. I haven't been coughing or anything; the cold is all in my nose and sinuses. She seemed to be aggravated with me, which I'm sorry about, but at least I avoided taking an unnecessary medicines that wouldn't do anything for my symptoms.

Guess what happened when I woke up this morning? I started coughing my head off and there is a slight rattle in my chest. If she heard this, I would get a giant "I told you so!" from her about the medicine. Hopefully this will all clear up before I see her again on Tuesday.
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