23 April 2010

Girls' Movie Night: "Hope Floats"

Normally, when I do dinner and a movie with Maestra and Cherry, I pick the movie. However, after our last gathering, they found out that I had never seen Hope Floats so that is what we chose to watch this month. It is about a woman who moves back into her mother's house with her young daughter after her husband announces his extramarital affair on national television.

Hope Floats is the kind of film where you know how it is going to end, so you are really watching it because you like the actors. Sandra Bullock is sweet and vulnerable, while Harry Connick Jr. flashes his 100-watt smile and provides the only authentic southern accent in the movie. It also stars one of my favorite actresses, Mae Whitman, as the young daughter. She is one of the few actresses whose presence will get me to watch a movie or TV show that I wasn't considering.

We laughed, we cried -- it was cathartic. It was a testament to our growing friendship that I felt comfortable enough to let my tears flow. However, I think that next month I want to go back to watching a movie we can gently mock like a 1940s melodrama or a 1960s sex farce.
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