16 May 2010

There are bras, and then there are archictectural marvels

This weekend the family is going to GA for my niece's high school graduation. Part of the weekend involves a fancy-dress dinner party. Since the last special occasion dress I purchased was in 2005, I needed to go shopping. Luckily, finding a dress I liked was a breeze. Finding a bra turned out to be a whole other dilemma.

Apparently, there is only one place in this city to buy a strapless bra if you are a 44DD, and that is Lane Bryant. Their bras are $40 apiece which is difficult to stomach when I'm used to buying mine for about $7 at WalMart. I must say that there is a definite difference between a $7 dollar bra and a $40 one. My cheap bras are more for coverage than lift, whereas the Lane Bryant bra I tried on made me look like I lost 10 lbs around the middle and had my breasts done.

The only other problem I had with Lane Bryant's Bra6 besides the price was trying to get into the bloody thing. It didn't hook in the front or the back like a conventional bra. The hooks were on the side, slightly behind the armpit. What nut came up with that configuration? You would need to be a contortionist to hook it yourself, and not everyone has a husband to hook her bra up for her. When trying it on in the dressing room, I twisted and turned until my chest turned red and still couldn't get it hooked. I couldn't use the trick of hooking it in front of me and then twisting it around because the band has rubber on the inside of it to make it stay in place once it contacts your skin. In the end, I had to hook up the bra and pull it over my head, which was both ungraceful and uncomfortable. Darn if my rack didn't look great, though!
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