17 May 2010

Goodbye, daniinnc_2000

This weekend, the Yahoo account daniinnc_2000@yahoo.com became part of my internet past. Once upon a time, that was my main email account and I checked it as frequently as I check my Gmail account now. I held that account longer than any other email account. It was the account that M sent her very first email to, so I feel a wee bit sentimental about it. Unfortunately, it got hacked about a month ago and started sending spam to people. I didn't have a lot of current contacts connected to that account, but I still didn't like the idea of spam going out in my name. So I got over my brief attachment to the account, called Yahoo, and had it deleted. Since I did this in a fit of pique, I'm sure there are parts of that account that I will miss down the road -- email addresses or messages that I didn't back up. In the long run, though, I don't think I will miss much.

It is my understanding that there is a 90-day window before the account is totally deleted. As of today, if you get an email from daniinnc_2000@yahoo.com, it isn't from me. Sorry if you have gotten any spam in the past month.
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