11 July 2010

Teaching the Kids to Use a Record Player

Last Christmas ABM bought me an entertainment console that houses a CD player, a cassette player, an AM-FM radio, a jack for my MP3 player, and a turntable. For some reason, it sat in its box in the living room until the 4th of July weekend, when M and her boyfriend were searching for something to do. They set up the console and dragged my box of records out of the garage. Then I had to actually show them how to play a record! I know that it has been years since record players were a fixture in everyone's homes, but I was surprised that they hadn't even seen an old movie where someone played a record.

There is a certain enjoyment that we are all getting out of listening to records that is different than what I experienced as a kid. Since turntables aren't commonplace any longer, it feels like we are all being transported to a different time. I've gotten M to listen to music that I couldn't interest her in when it was on the MP3 player. Swing music has more life on vinyl than it does coming from my Zune.

All the records in my tiny collection came from a library sale almost 20 years ago when they were switching over to CDs. I wish now that I had purchased more of them. Ah, well -- I guess that's what eBay is for.
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