29 July 2010

Jayma Mays and Her Strange Coincidences

Have you ever noticed something weird on TV, but no one ever mentions it? Unfortunately, I have the type of brain that notices these things and sometimes I just have to let them out. Bear with me, or move on :-).

The first time I saw Jayma Mays, she played a character named Charlie in the show Heroes. The next time I saw her, she was on Ugly Betty and her character's name was Charlie. Now Charlie isn't exactly a common name for a girl so I thought this was kind of strange. Anyway, the Charlie on Ugly Betty cheated on her boyfriend with a dentist. Fast forward to the present day where Mays is playing Emma on Glee. I just found out that in season 2, Emma will start dating a guy who is a dentist.

Weird, huh? Do these show writers do this stuff just to see if someone will notice? Or am I the only one whose brain works that way?
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